The brand-bar component is used to render the shell header that appears under the account-switcher. If you are using the launch command then the brand-bar component will be automatically configured and populated.

<brand-bar params="{...}"></brand-bar>


Name Type Default Description
branding Branding Object None (Required) Branding information for the impersonated account
support Support Object None (Required) Support information for the impersonated account
userName string | Observable string None (Required) User name of the currently logged in user
onLogout string | observable string | function null If the value is a string or an observable string an AJAX GET call will be executed prior to redirecting the user to SSO logout. If the value is a function the function will be called and if a promise is returned execution will halt until the promise is resolved and then the user will be redirect to the SSO logout. This allows a satellite application to clean up it’s dedicated session before performing SSO logout.