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v 2.0.1-beta.3

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Atlas is a library that is designed to make creating and deploying, aka launching, CenturyLink Cloud “satellite application” quick and painless. It attempts to extract out all the boilerplate code, configuration, and helpers that are common across all Satellite Applications. This allows teams to focus on their area of expertise and deliver the best possible product.

Atlas fills the gap between a finished Satellite Application and Cyclops. It adds the business logic that was specifically left out of Cyclops, but is common across all CenturyLink Cloud applications. This also allows the underlying APIs and Design to evolve and change without incurring extra work for each Satellite Application team, with Atlas it will be a simple bump in version and the Application with be up-to-date.

Atlas will be a living library with new helpers, extensions, and components being added when commonality is identified.

The UI/UX Team