Starter Pages

Common page layout examples.

basic page template

Basic Page

Basic page with CSS and javascript includes, top header navigation, and a List View in the body.

basic page with pricing template

Basic Page with Pricing and Paging

Basic page but with the addition of a billing summary.

Create Page with Price Estimate

Create Page with Price Estimate

Create page with responsive price estimate summary on the left.

Page with Left Pane

Left Pane Tree View

Responsive left pane navigation.

HTTP error pages

404 Page

Basic 404 error page, indicating a client-side error, which indicates the requested page has been removed or the URL is incorrect.

Sticky Stacked Navigation

Sticky Stacked Navigation

An example of stacked navigation that sticks to the top of the viewport when scrolling content.

500 level error pages

500 Page

Basic 500 level error page. Indicates a server side error, so no dynamic information is presented.

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