What is Cyclops?

Cyclops is our own collection of atomic pieces that make up the CenturyLink Platform Control Portal interface. For more information please see the about page for a full explanation.

Where can I get it?

It is recommended that you use the CDN version of Cyclops that is hosted on assets.ctl.io. This provides many caching and performance benefits. If you would like to view of the source if can be found on github. For more information about what is needed to get up and running with Cyclops see the Getting Started page.

What are the dependencies?

A full list of dependencies both optional and required can be found here.

What browsers does it support?

The browser support matrix for Cyclops matches that of the CenturyLink Control Portal. We support the current versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. For Internet Explorer we support IE9 and above with IE9 having some fall back behaviors.

How can I get notified about new versions / features?

All publically available version of Cyclops can be found on the assets.ctl.io website and as tags on the github repository. This includes both stable and prerelease versions, which can be identified using the semantic versioning syntax. As a general rule of thumb new stable versions will be called out in our slack channel as well. If you have a feature request please open and issue on the Cyclops github repository.

Can I use it with Angular?

Cyclops is build on the standard set of CenturyLink Control Portal Frameworks, which include jQuery, jQuery UI, Knockout, and Knockout Validation. Because of this Cyclops provides many of its controls and helper as knockout related features or extensions.

Cyclops can currently be used in conjunction with Angular in one of two ways. One, you can just use the styles can markup provided and still use Angular for everything else. Two, you can use Angular for the routing and controller bits and use knockout for the markup binding and templating.

Our focus for v1.0.0 was to achieve feature parity with what exists in the CenturyLink Cloud Control Portal and expose it as an easy to consume collection of styles, markup, and documentation. Post v1.0.0 we, along with the platform team, will be looking into providing better guidance and possible support for using Angular.