Global Menus

Add service, site and support menus to CenturyLink Cloud Services

GitHub Repository


This project enables you to add the global Service and Site menus, as well as the global Support menu, to your web application. It is hosted on the CenturyLink Platform Assets Server for anyone to use.

Look and feel

Global Navigation Menu is composed of two UI parts, the menu options where the user can click to show and hide the links, and the lists of links to the different services and sites.

Menu options

Menu option

Services List

Link List

Sites List

Link List

Configuration options

There are two different ways to integrate the GLobal Navigation Menu in your project depending on weather you are using Atlas or not.

If your project is already using (or planning to use) Atlas, please follow these instructions.

If your project is not using Atlas but you want to integrate the Global Navigation Menu, please follow these instruction.